Below is the list of mediums offering workshops and development classes this year


June 24: Psychic Potpourri    Laurie Xanthos
June 25: Late Night Phenomena   Laurie Xanthos
June 26: Spirit Photography  Laurie Xanthos
July 1: Smoke Billets  Kim Bright
July 2:  ABC’s of Mediumship  Kim Bright
July 3: Raising Your Vibration  Kim Bright
July 8:  Earth Healing  Eddita Felt
July 9:  Sitting for Developing Clairaudience  Eddita Felt
July 10:  Ho’oponopono for Release of Mental Stress  Eddita Felt
July 15: Energy Medicine & Healing  Rev Graham Connolly
July 16: Power of Mindfulness and Visualization  Rev Graham Connolly
July 17: So You Want to Be a Medium?  Rev Graham Connolly
July 22:   Meet Your Guides  Kim Wright
July 23:  Mediumship 101       Kim Wright
July 24:   Table Tipping           Kim Wright
July 29: Stone People  Wisdom & Guidance    Rev Nancy Parry
July 30:   You The Medium    Rev Nancy Parry
July 31: Growth through Grief   Rev Nancy Parry
August 5:    Raising Your Vibration   Ava Spruce
August 6:    Billet Readings   Ava Spruce
August 7:    Making a Spirit Rattle    Ava Spruce
August 12:   You’re Not Dead Yet And You’re Never Gonna’ Be!  Rose Osborn
August 13:    Writing And Drawing Your Way To Understanding And Expanding Your Life Rose Osborn
August 14:    Walking Meditation. Nature Is Standing By To Help   Rose Osborn
August 19:    Communicating “Clair-ly” with Spirit   Diane Whiton, MPI
August 20:    Working and Healing with  the ABC’s: Auras, Boundaries, Confidence   Diane Whiton, MPI
August 21:    The “Nature” of Things   Diane Whiton, MPI