Below is the list of mediums offering workshops and development classes this year

June 21: Smoke Billet Readings Kim Charest
June 22: Spirit Art  Kim Charest
June 23: How Does Spirit Speak to You Emily Nadeau, CH
June 28: Intuition, Psychic and Mediumship Rev Graham Connolly, NST
June 29: Healing Mediumship Rev Graham Connolly, NST
June 30: Creating A Vision Board Carmen Sun Rising Gauthier
July 5: Cultivating Your Relationship with the Divine Source Kathy Silva
July 6: Twisted Psychometry Kathy Silva
July 7: introducing Angels Linda Pfaffinger
July 12: What Do You Mean I am a Clown? Laurie Xanthos
July 13: Access the Angels Laurie Xanthos
July 14: Shamanic Past Life Regression Laurie Xanthos
July 19: You The Medium Rev Nancy Parry, NST
July 20: Meditate, Meditate, Meditate Rev Nancy Parry, NST
July 21: Honoring Your Loved One(s) Rev Nancy Parry, NST
July 26: Finding the Right Energy Stones for Healing Laurie Xanthos
July 27: Shamanic Journeying with Your Power Animal Laurie Xanthos
July 28: Wisdom From Our Elders Carmen Sun Rising Gauthier
July 28: Late Night: Psychic Potpourri of Resources for Divine Connection Laurie Xanthos
Aug 2: Creating Sacred Space Kathy Silva Spirit Art Kim Charest
Aug 3: Twisted Psychometry Kathy Silva Animals Speak Laurie Xanthos
Aug 4: Sacred Journaling  Linda Pfaffinger Signs From Above Laurie Xanthos
Aug 9: Real (2017) Maine Ghosts Haunted Houses and Lakewood Theater Show Eddita Felt
Aug 10: Healing with Colors, Eddita Felt
Aug 11: Healing Ourselves and Our Planet with Colors, Eddita Felt
 Aug 23: Spirit Rescue Circle, Eddita Felt
Aug 24: Healing with Music and Musical Mediumship, Eddita Felt
Aug 25: Musical Mediumship Healing Circle – Healing Ourselves and our Planet with Music, Eddita Felt