Below is the list of mediums offering workshops and development classes this year

JUNE 21 – SEPTEMBER 6 Laurie Xanthos


June 25: To Be Announced Kim Bright & Emily Nadeau, CH
June 26: To Be AnnouncedKim Bright & Emily Nadeau, CH
June 27: To Be AnnouncedKim Bright & Emily Nadeau, CH
July 2: To Be AnnouncedRev Graham Connolly,NST
July 3: To Be Announced Rev Graham Connolly,NST
July 4:  NO WORKSHOP Happy Holiday
July 9: To Be Announced To Be Announced
July 10: To Be Announced To Be Announced
July 11:  To Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced
July 16: To Be Announced Eddita Felt
July 17: To Be Announced Eddita Felt
July 18: To Be Announced  Eddita Felt
July 23: To Be Announced Angie & Wachian Welch
July 24: To Be Announced Angie & Wachian Welch
July 25: To Be Announced Angie & Wachian Welch
July 30: To Be Announced Kathy Silvia
July 31: To Be Announced Kathy Silvia
August 01: To Be Announced Kathy Silvia
August 06: To Be Announced  Cinnamon Mancini
August 07: To Be Announced  Cinnamon Mancini
August 08: To Be Announced  Cinnamon Mancini
August 13: To Be Announced Laurie Xanthos
August 14: To Be Announced Laurie Xanthos
August 15: To Be Announced Laurie Xanthos
August 20: To Be Announced Ava Spruce
August 21: To Be Announced Ava Spruce
August 22: To Be Announced Ava Spruce
August 27: To Be Announced Colin Hall
August 28: To Be Announced Colin Hall
August 29: To Be Announced Colin Hall
September 03: To Be Announced Sandy Campbell
September 04: To Be Announced Sandy Campbell
September 05: To Be Announced Sandy Campbell