Workshop w/Laurie Xanthos

07-12-2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Madison Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association
Address: 2 Salmon Rd, Madison, ME 04950, USA


Join us for a workshop “What Do You Mean I Am A Clown” with Laurie Xanthos.  $15 per person. Office 207-474-0124

What Do You Mean I”m a Clown? is a class on Soul Contracts to access your archetype, which simply means, the roles you signed up for before you incarnated here. We will journey to the Hall of Records and access your contract and if permissible seek to make changes to your Archetypes. Truly a life changing experience and very popular workshop. Space is limited so sign up early.


Known for her passion for the teachings of our Spiritualist forefathers, Laurie is an Internationally known, highly accurate Psychic Medium. She is a proud Pastor of The Healing Light Church in Etna, Maine. Her inspirational sermons are also shared at other Spiritualist churches and camps in which Laurie proudly serves. Laurie is known for her success in profound healings and as a result is sought out for her Shamanic gifts and healing certifications such as all levels of Reiki, Shamanism, and Church Healing Certifications. Her extensive Shamanic studies have opened up worlds of healing possibilities that she is passionate to share and make aware. Laurie has taught Psychic Development classes for many years and still gets extremely amped up. She is full of passion, humor, and love for all.