Workshop w/Kim Charest

06-21-2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Madison Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association
Address: 2 Salmon Rd, Madison, ME 04950, USA

Join us for our “Smoke Billet Readings” workshop with medium Kim Charest. $15 per person. Office 207-474-0124.

Kimberley Charest a Spiritualist Medium will be teaching a workshop on Spiritualist smoke billet reading. Smoke Billets use a lit candle and ordinary paper as the medium for Spirit to bring us their messages. Each workshop participant will have the experience of being read and reading the smoke images created by other attendees. Learn and apply the use of Smoke Billets to provide guidance and insight for your life’s path.

Kim Charest Biography:

Kimberley Charest has been clairvoyant from a young age and has a strong connection with the spirit realm. In 2009, she started developing mental and physical mediumship. She has a strong affinity for table tipping and enjoys showing evidence of the continuity of life through this physical mediumship modality.