Workshop w/Kathy Silva

07-05-2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Join us for a workshop “Cultivating your Relationship with the Divine Source” with Kathy Silva.  $15 per person. Office 207-474-0124.

This workshop is designed to help individuals identify and understand their own personal relationship with The Divine Source. Each relationship is, in fact, unique and therefore requires an individual, conscious effort to cultivate it. Strengthening your personal relationship with The Divine Source creates a mindful, compassionate and purposeful life.

We will share knowledge and personal experiences through discussion and interactive exercises.


Kathy is a naturally born psychic medium. Since early childhood she has experienced visions, premonitions and communications with spirit. As her call to service became stronger, Kathy worked with shamanic journeying to meet her guides and gain a better understanding of her abilities. She believes that being a vessel for spirit comes with ethical responsibilities to the participant, the reader and Spirit. All readings come from a place of love and can be a powerfully healing and trans-formative experience. Kathy accepts her abilities as a gift from God and serves spirit with humility, reverence and gratitude.