Workshop w/Emily Nadeau, CH

06-23-2018 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Madison Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association
Address: 2 Salmon Rd, Madison, ME 04950, USA

Come for a workshop “How Does Spirit Speak to You” with Emily here at the chapel. $15 per person. Office 207-474-0124.

Have you ever wondered was that a sign? After a short guided meditation, we will explore the signs and symbols Spirit may send us, the way they may be presented, and how the meaning may be unique to each of us. Signs may be sent to get our attention, to warn us, to uplift us or encourage us. However I believe the greater importance is to validate that life continues beyond the physical realm, and our loved ones, angels, and guides are always with us. Receiving a sign can give us comfort and peace, especially after the loss of a loved one. What signs has Spirit sent you? Sharing individual experiences can be heartwarming and enlightening and we will do so as time permits.

Emily Nadeau, CH Biography:

Psychic Medium, Spirit Messages
Healing Energy Work
Commissioned Healer Certification (NSAC)
Certified Reiki I & II Practitioner
My spiritual awakening began in 2012. I started exploring my spirituality and connection to the “All”. Through meditation, and 3 years of Spiritual Unfoldment classes, I became aware of the signs Spirit was sending me. Many come through animals and nature, others may appear as strange coincidences, however, I don’t believe in coincidences.
My Intention is to be a conduit or channel for Spirit communication, with a strong emphasis on healing whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We all need healing of some type to bring ourselves into balance and live our lives to our fullest potential.