Church Service w/Linda Pfaffinger & Kathy Silva

08-05-2018 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Join us for our Continuity of Life church service with mediums Linda Pfaffinger & Kathy Silva.  Office 207-474-0124

Linda Pfaffinger Biography:

Linda received her Master’s degree in Social Work twenty years ago and has dedicated her career to the response to, and recovery from, trauma.  She enjoys teaching others and has been on the faculty at USM for over 15 years.  She has received many professional and academic honors and awards throughout her career. As a trauma victim herself, she specializes in the long-term devastation that trauma creates and the many forms of healing. Over the years, Linda has presented many community workshops covering many topics related to trauma. Her interest in metaphysics and the mystical began as a search for alternative modalities and tools to help people recover from past hurts and current concerns and questions about his/her journey. She believes in magic and miracles, angels and fairies, and knows that her journey to help others heal will continue unabated. She is a certified Personal Life Coach and Mediator.  Linda facilitates workshops on such topics as stress management; sparking your creativity; journaling; finding your gifts and other topics of healing and personal development.  She has coordinated many Retreats focused on healing and the regeneration of the “whole self”.  As the proprietor of Indigo Moon, she continues her healing journey and labor of love for herself and others.  Accessibility to classes and workshops, individual and group readings, healing retreats, etc.  is her top priority. She invites you to experience all that Indigo Moon had to offer on your journey to health, happiness, and success!

Kathy Silva Biography:

Kathy is a naturally born psychic medium. Since early childhood she has experienced visions, premonitions and communications with spirit. As her call to service became stronger, Kathy worked with shamanic journeying to meet her guides and gain a better understanding of her abilities. She believes that being a vessel for spirit comes with ethical responsibilities to the participant, the reader and Spirit. All readings come from a place of love and can be a powerfully healing and trans-formative experience. Kathy accepts her abilities as a gift from God and serves spirit with humility, reverence and gratitude.