Our Camp Season for 2017 is June 7 – Sept 10

Mediums are available Wednesday through Sunday

NOTE: Our Message Circles this year are Wednesday and Saturday


Message Circles:  Wednesday and Saturday: 7-9 PM $15 per person (all attendees to get message)

Workshop: Thursday 7-9 PM and Saturday 1:30 – 3:30PM $10 per person

Sunday Service: 1.30 PM (except for Sept 11, 2016 when it is at 11.30 AM)

Private readings: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (walk in and by appointment**)

$30 per 30 minutes;

Thurs/Friday 10-noon** , 2-5 PM  and after 6PM**

Saturdays 10-noon

Sundays 10-noon

** by appointment means that it is recommended to contact the camp or medium to schedule,

other reading times the medium is available at the camp during those hours for walk-in session.

 Camp season brochure available around May 15

Below is the list of mediums serving MSCMA this year

June 7-11: Rev Nancy Parry, NST
June 10: Mediums Day Fair 10:00am-3:00pm
June 14-18: Rev Graham Connolly, NST, M
June 21-25: Emily Nadeau, CH & Kim Charest
June 28- July 2: Eddita Felt
 July 5-6: Rev Graham Connolly, NST, M
July 7-9: Rev Patty Palmer, NST
July 12-16: Sally Richards
July 19-23: Laurie Xanthos
July 26-30: Ava Spruce
Aug 2-4: Dr Barbara Williams
Aug 5-6: Eddita Felt
Aug 9-13: Melanie Ames
Aug 16-18: Eddita Felt
Aug 19-20: Amy Major
Aug 23-26: Joao Bordallo
Aug 27: Rev Chris Owen, CH, CM
Aug 30-Sept 3: To Be Announced
Sept 6-8: Kelly Purrington/Chris Smith
Sept 9: Mediums Day Fair 10:00am-3:00pm
Sept 10: Service Rev Graham Connolly, NST, M