Our 2018 season to be Announced

NEXT year we will also have a Pre-Season and Post Season activities and special events.



See you all next year

(please note the 2017 schedule on these pages will stay up such that newcomers see the types of programs and workshops we offer)





SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2017 6-8PM $25


Come join us for our “FUNdraiser” for the Madison Spiritualist Camp with an evening of Spirit communication and Table Tipping.
We will be connecting with Spirit and delivering messages of love and inspiration from your loved ones in the Spirit World.

Our wonderful mediums volunteering there gifts are Melanie Ames, Kim Charest, Emily Nadeau, Patty Pepin, Laurie Xanthos.

We are serving brownies, cookies, apple cider and water for your enjoyment. Did I mention DOORPRIZES????

Space is limited so sign up now to save your spot!


If you can not attend this event, we are graciously accepting donations! We are non-profit and it is tax deductible!
Contact Patty at 207-357-3357 for more information.
Email angelinspired@hotmail.com

Established 1879

Chapel Phone: Active during the Camp Season (207) 474-0124

Alternate: President Patty Smith (207) 634-4399 or Graham (207) 318-9037

Originally, Lake Wesserunsett was the summer meeting area of the Kennebec Indians before and during the 1600’s. Written history of the area states that the area was first settled by the Jebediah Hayden family in the early 1800’s. One of the Hayden family heirs, William D. Hayden set aside an area for the use of the Madison Spiritualist Association in 1879 at Hayden’s Grove on the west side of Hayden’s Pond as the lakewas then called. Prior to that time the Spiritualists had been meeting at Richardsons Woods, but getting to the woods was a hardship in those days.

The first two years of meetings were outdoors until a building was constructed in 1882, which is now the Lakewood Summer Theater. In 1895 William D. Hayden bought the building and as a condition of the sale guaranteed that the Spiritualists would always have a place to meet on the camp grounds, and as a result we now own and meet in a small chapel on Salmon Road on the grounds.
Being surrounded by the good feelings of all the ancestors, pioneers and people who come to the chapel each summer gives the area a strong spiritual attraction and leaves us with a special place to celebrate Spiritualism each summer.
We welcome everyone and invite those of other faiths to investigate the phenomena and teachings of Spiritualism.

Madison Camp is located in Lakewood village, north of Skowhegan (approximately 6 miles), along Route 201. At the golf course turn right onto Beach Road into the Association towards Lakewood Theater. Continue to the end of the road. At the beach turn left onto street posted, “Private Road, Owners and Guests Only”. After about 160 feet, directly in front of you, you will see the Madison Spiritualist Camp. Parking for the Chapel is in back of the building.

Message Circles
Message Circles is one of our means to validate that life is continuous. In these circles our guest medium will demonstrate mediumship to fulfill that validation. Visit our Message Mediums Summary page.
Private Readings
Our mediums are available for private readings. The **By Appointment tag means that it is recommended to call the chapel, or book ahead with them via their contact info to check that they are available at the chapel.

Those categorized as Private readings means the medium is to be at the chapel available for scheduled or walk in reading requests. Visit our Private Readings Summary page.

Our mediums and guest facilitators offer short workshops on various topics of a spiritual nature or on specific aspects of working with Spirit. Visit our Workshop Mediums Summary page.
Church Services
Our Spiritualist church services with our guest mediums are open to all denominations. It is divided into 3 sections: Healing, Inspirational Talk and Spirit Communication. Join us for a unique and beautiful experience with Spirit. Visit our Church Services Summary page.


There has been a lot of work done on our camp during the last 3 years as many of you have noticed, including roofing, painting, landscaping and a heat exchanger installation that will allow us to offer early and post season special events.

We are super excited!!!

Madison Camp is asking for Donations to support the costs to bringing the community wonderful spiritual programs each year. We hope you will consider giving a  tax deductible donation, as we are a non-profit 501(c3) organization. Any donations received will be put into our general checking fund to cover building maintenance, utilities, advertising and such ancillary items that enable us to bring in people from around the State and country to share their spiritual knowledge here at Madisn Camp.